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Info Articles

Oct 30 2017

Amy Studebaker Design

Here’s a first hand look at a gorgeous project from Amy in which she used all Unique Stone marble to round out what she dubs, “Project Edgemont Lane”....

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Oct 25 2017

Raising The Bar On The Modern Day Man Cave

Man Cave: (n) a room or other part of the home regarded as a refuge for the man of the house; a manly sanctuary By definition, this space of the home should be designed well enough for any man to want to retreat to. Basically, the...

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Sep 21 2017

Project Hardware: Brass Is Here To Stay

Feeling the kitchen or bathroom blues is completely normal after some years of staring at the same room over and over. Ready for a refresh but maybe wondering what’s going to make the biggest impact with the least amount of work? The answer could be...

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Sep 18 2017

Ellipse Quartz: Care & Maintenance Guide

Your Ellipse Quartz surface has unique properties. The color variations and blotches and veins are designed to create a natural appearance. Ellipse Quartz provides you with a near maintenance-free surface. Regular cleaning with mild soap and water will keep your Ellipse Quartz surface looking brand new....

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Aug 23 2017

Behind the Scenes with Tim Mulherin

Isn’t it fascinating how some things work? It’s always fun to check out what makes people or objects actually tick, isn’t it? We want to treat you to a trip behind the scenes of the Unique Stones Concepts’ operation....

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