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Sep 07 2021

How to choose a kitchen backsplash

Planning a brand new kitchen design or a kitchen remodel can be overwhelming. There are so many elements to consider. Kitchen backsplash material. Cabinet color. Countertop color. Appliances. Wall color. Floor style and color. If you're doing tile, you have to choose a grout color....

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Feb 28 2018

The Difference Between Builder & Standard Grade Granite

An important piece of information that’s often a source of confusion is a “Builder” or “Commercial” grade granite vs. “Standard” grade granite. The typical assumption is that “Builder” grade granite is far inferior to “Standard” or mid-level grade granite....

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Oct 25 2017

Raising The Bar On The Modern Day Man Cave

Man Cave: (n) a room or other part of the home regarded as a refuge for the man of the house; a manly sanctuary By definition, this space of the home should be designed well enough for any man to want to retreat to. Basically, the...

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Sep 18 2017

Ellipse Quartz: Care & Maintenance Guide

Your Ellipse Quartz surface has unique properties. The color variations and blotches and veins are designed to create a natural appearance. Ellipse Quartz provides you with a near maintenance-free surface. Regular cleaning with mild soap and water will keep your Ellipse Quartz surface looking brand new....

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Jul 19 2017

Wholesaler Comparison Checklist

Just getting started in your search for the perfect stone to complete your vision? Help is just a click away! We've created a handy checklist to assist you as you shop....

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Apr 18 2017

Ask The Experts (Part 3)

If we want a luxurious look like marble in our kitchen, but don’t want the maintenance what are the choices? Get the answer and more in the third installment of Ask the Experts....

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