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Jan 24 2014

A Chefs Best Friend: Granite Countertops

When selecting the countertop surface for your kitchen whether you are novice or highly trained chef, granite is an easy choice. Advantages to Granite Countertops With granite you can chop fruits, vegetables, meat and any other kitchen goods directly on the granite. [caption id="attachment_9362" align="alignnone" width="500"] Cut, Dice...

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Dec 20 2013

Set Up Times For Showings

If you have already narrowed your selection of natural stone to a specific color we recommend making an appointment with our design staff to hand select your exact slabs. Setting up an appointment time for showings ahead of time is important if you already have chosen...

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Nov 27 2013

Two sides involved in the industry… Wholesaler & Fabricator

In the granite industry there are two sides to the industry, both wholesalers and fabricators. At Unique Stone we are apart of the wholesale side, we offer full slabs of natural stone that we import from Brazil, India, Spain, Italy, Germany, Peru, Argentina, China, and...

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Nov 08 2013

The Dilemma with Granite Samples

Trivia time! Below there are two pictures of the granite “Thunder”. Are the pictures the same or different? One granite slab has more rust-golden tone and the other granite slab has more cream tones in it. How can this be? Well, they are both named “Thunder”...

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Oct 23 2013

Unique Stone Concepts Imports 2cm, 3cm & 5cm Natural Slabs

At Unique Stone Concepts it is our mission to bring you only the best quality natural stones and variety of them to choose from. We purchase unique and exceptional natural stones from all around the world that includes 2cm, 3cm and 5cm thickness . We wanted...

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Oct 10 2013

Featuring Marble in Your Kitchen

When most people think of marble, words like elegant, grand and timeless come to mind. The addition of a new countertop to your kitchen can do wonders. It is a way to completely overhaul the look of your kitchen, without dedicating all the time and...

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Oct 01 2013

Advantages to Black Pearl Granite

[caption id="attachment_10718" align="alignleft" width="446"] Black Pearl Honed | Selden Martin | Image via Absolute[/caption] When it comes to granite not many of the slabs can evoke such a magical or mysterious look that black granite can. Maybe it is that black is the lack of all...

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Sep 10 2013

Creative Design Ideas to Highlight Granite Countertops

With the seemingly endless colors and varieties of granite countertops available, there are many new and interesting ways to incorporate a granite surface in your kitchen or bath. Unique Stone Concepts wants to introduce you to some ideas that will help you highlight your granite...

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