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Monthly Exotic – Sea Pearl

Sea Pearl is a quartzite from the northeast part of Brazil and one of the most popular quartzite stones offered. Our crew of stone professionals let us in on the secrets of what makes Sea Pearl just so special....

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Monthly Exotic – Typhoon Bordeaux

The color and movement throughout Typhoon Bordeaux turns heads left and right in our showroom. The swirls of color mixed together are anything but boring as our designers explain how this Brazilian granite can put you in a trance you won’t want to get out...

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Sep 14 2016

Ellipse & Polarstone Quartz

Designer, Maranda Cocking, and President, Elliot Uchitelle, team up to discuss the benefits of engineered quartz by highlighting our two popular quartz lines, Ellipse and Polarstone. Ellipse “We studied very carefully before we brought this line on, and we made sure it was an excellent supplier. We have some...

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Aug 16 2016

Our Customer Experience

The Unique Stone Experience When Unique Stone Concepts started in 2010, founders Larry LaBrier and Elliot Uchitelle had one goal—to create and deliver a superior, one-of-a-kind customer experience within the stone industry. And that’s exactly what they did. Jim and Rose Brennan welcomed us into their home to...

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Jun 29 2016

Monthly Exotic – Perla Venata

Sylvia Woody, design consultant with Unique Stone Concepts, and CEO Larry LaBrier team up to dish out the details of the beautiful unique stone, Perla Venata....

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Calacatta Blue–Marble–CloseUp
May 25 2016

Monthly Exotic – Calacatta Blue

Calacatta Blue swirls madly with blues and grays like a wild storm and it is our gorgeous exotic feature of the month. Larry LaBrier, CEO of Unique Stone Concepts, and designer Sylvia Woody help reveal the details and origin of this beautiful stone....

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Apr 27 2016

Monthly Exotic – Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita translates literally as “The Sweet Life”, and it is our gorgeous exotic feature of the month. Elliot Uchitelle, co-founder of Unique Stone Concepts, and designer Maranda Cocking both tag team in unveiling this beautiful stone....

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