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7 Reasons to Choose Granite for your Kitchen Island

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

7 Reasons to Choose Granite for your Kitchen Island

You’ve gotten bit by the remodeling bug or maybe you’re building a house and you’re up to the fun part of choosing the materials for your new home. So, it’s go time! The kitchen countertops and your kitchen island are not only key pieces in terms of functionality but also focal points.

Now is not the time to overthink what to select for your countertops. Yes, quartz may have some initial appeal or even marble, but granite countertops are the ultimate go-to. Are you thinking of a dark design or leaning toward something light or white? It doesn’t matter your style. Granite has it all covered.

Here are the top seven reasons why granite will always be a good investment for your home renovation:

Increase the value of your home with granite countertops

If there’s one thing that buyers, sellers and real estate experts can all agree on it’s that the kitchen is the main selling point of the house. This is why focusing on your kitchen countertop material is important.

While there are several countertop materials you could choose from, like quartz countertops, granite counters are an easy way to add value to your home and give it an immediate boost.

The kitchen isn’t the only place of home improvement to create some serious value and style. Both your home’s kitchen and bathroom have countertops as the focal point, so upgrading that material to granite in those spaces will serve your home value well when you sell.

A natural stone countertop surface like granite is very durable

When researching materials for your bathroom or kitchen countertops, you’ll find granite slabs to be one of the hardest and most durable materials on Earth.

Composed mostly of the minerals quartz, feldspar and mica, this natural stone material is perfect for a busy home kitchen. The reason? The natural materials that makeup granite are as tough as steel, making granite nearly indestructible. Over time, your granite countertop or kitchen island won’t crumble or break apart. Talk about a natural winner!

Natural stone appeal for your kitchen countertops isn’t just about how aesthetically pleasing it is but a granite kitchen adds that plus pure functionality. What’s not to love about this rock beauty?

Granite countertops are nearly maintenance-free

For anyone who spends a decent amount in the kitchen, one of the best things they can hear is that the kitchen countertops are maintenance-free. No matter what color or type of granite kitchen you choose whether it’s white granite or something different, when properly sealed they are easy to maintain.

Granite countertops can be cleaned daily with warm soapy water, and for tougher stains, the mixture of water and vinegar can do the trick. If for some reason a stain sits for a longer period of time and gets neglected, there are professional granite cleaners and degreasers that can get the job done.

Nobody likes stains on their newly installed counters, but even a red wine or tomato sauce stain on a white or light granite isn’t a catastrophe. Those lighter colors are also virtually maintenance-free. Ahh. What a relief.

Having a stone countertop that’s so easy to maintain plus being heat resistant is a dream come true for kitchen owners. Plus getting a countertop of style and beauty that’s easy to clean and not a man-made quartz material is always a bonus. Choosing a granite countertop is never a bad idea. Don’t overthink it.

A granite countertop has a higher resistance to dirt and bacteria

The great thing about a granite stone slab is that it’s non-porous which means it doesn’t readily trap mold, mildew, dirt or bacteria like other materials. For this reason, granite is popular with homeowners everywhere and not just in the kitchen but smartly in the bathroom too. Counters in the bathroom could trap some pretty gnarly germs and bacteria, so selecting a stone like granite for your house would be the way to go.

As mentioned, granite is rock hard so it can withstand some heavy cleaning when needed.

When thinking about the design of your kitchen remodel, the backsplash is an area that some people don’t consider using a granite material on. Food splatter, grease residue and who knows what else are typically the main culprits of dirtying up the wall behind your cooktop. Having a low-maintenance backsplash like granite in your kitchen space is ideal. The desirable trait of being able to just wipe clean a surface is, well, highly coveted. Think about that when choosing a kitchen countertop for your own house.

Granite countertops have a wide variety of colors to choose from

It’s true. Granite slabs can come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Many homeowners aren’t aware of just how many color options are actually available with granite, but understanding this upfront during your kitchen remodel will save you future headaches.

Take it from us. From a design perspective, selecting your stone material first for your countertops, island or backsplash is a smart play.

We have heard from so many people how they wished they would have chosen their countertops first because they could control what everything else looked like from there. Paint, flooring, cabinets, and so many other design features can play off of the color of your countertops. Being able to choose granite first is a gamechanger.

Our giant warehouse is filled with a variety of colors and patterns from across the world. The selection can sometimes feel overwhelming, but that’s where our expert designers come into play. Visiting our showroom allows you to take your time, ask questions and even bring in cabinet, flooring or paint samples to see how they look. We won’t let you leave until you’re completely satisfied.

Typhoon Bordeaux is one of our favorite bold granite colors that will give any kitchen an instant upgrade and this just scratches the surface of all the great colors we have. You’re sure to find a match for your granite countertops with the inventory we have. Check out them out online or in-person and if there’s a color not in stock, let us know. We’ll do our best to get it for you.

Choosing granite for your kitchen island is affordable

When you hear granite countertops, you often think it’s going to cost too much. This is simply not the case. Yes, you will invest a little more for granite than you would say, laminate or concrete, but the cost of granite countertops doesn’t have to break the bank. Plus, the benefits of having durable granite slab surfaces as your countertops provides future value upon installation.

Our showrooms feature a variety of granite that ranges from higher-end materials to lower-end or builder-grade materials and everything in between. This makes it easier to select a one-of-a-kind countertop that not only fits what you’re looking for in design but also in budget.

Also, take into consideration that this is an investment into your home. You’re not choosing granite countertops simply because it looks pretty. The many benefits add up in your favor. S

o, don’t be afraid to explore the granite options for your kitchen countertop due to cost because we might have just what you need to fit the budget for your kitchen countertop.

Granite kitchen countertops can be easily repaired

It’s unlikely that your kitchen countertop will undergo a ton of damage and need repairs, but accidents happen in the kitchen. Especially with kiddos running around the room. As durable as a granite countertop is, there’s a chance that a pot or glass can fall onto it and cause the countertop to chip. Even after installation, this is not a big project. This why we love granite! Its durability alone gives it immediate value in your kitchen.

Being a natural stone, you may think it’s not possible to repair chips or breaks, but it’s surprisingly easy. A professional can help putty and reseal the stone on your counter and there’s no beauty lost. This is one feature we love to talk about with granite upon being installed, and a feature you should keep in mind if you’re at all worried about future accidents in your home.

Granite countertops are King

There are many admirable countertop surfaces for your kitchen or bath that you could choose from before remodeling or before going through a major renovation. The fact is that granite has always been the go-to when it comes to kitchen countertops. Not just for its style and beauty but its durability. In any room of the house where a countertop installation is happening, the investment in granite is a safe choice.

Resistant to stains when properly sealed, easy installation, cost efficiency of slabs, and high style are all reasons why granite countertops are one of the most popular choices for your countertop or island. Sure, quartz and marble could give granite a run for its money but ultimately, granite will remain king for the foreseeable future.

Have any questions about granite countertops? Please contact us at any of our six locations to see how we can help you choose the best stone to fit your needs.

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