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The Ultimate Bathroom Makeover

Monday, June 7, 2021

The Ultimate Bathroom Makeover

The one-room you can have peace in is the bathroom. This makes it worthy of your time, planning and attention when it comes to your next big home remodel. Think about it. At the end of a long day, having an oasis to retreat to for relaxation and refreshment is the perfect way to unwind. Your master bath should be a room you want to be in, so we’re here to help you dive into your next bathroom renovation and think through all those design details.

Our goal is to help you prepare before you even start remodeling one of the most important rooms of your home. Too often people get sucked into the aesthetics of it all without properly thinking through crucial details. Whether it’s a master bath or a half bath, we have seven details to think about before any of your bathrooms get the royal makeover treatment.

Antique clawfoot bathtub

7 Details to consider before jumping into a bathroom remodel

Bathroom Style

In order to know where you want to go, you first need a general direction. The same goes for remodeling a bathroom. Where do you want to go with it? This is a very personal room in your home that should reflect you and what you like. It should evoke feelings of comfort and relaxation when you step into it.

Maybe, you’re the type of person who already knows what they want or maybe you need a little help. Here are a few of the most popular bathroom styles that may help you discover which direction you’d like to head.


This typically shows off darker, bolder colors as part of an overall sleeker look. You’ll find lots of straight lines to give off the appearance of a clean and decluttered bathroom design. The vanity, sink, and tub are usually bright white to contrast with the selected interior design colors of the bathroom.

You won’t find a lot of extra cubbies or storage spaces within a modern bathroom like this because it would feel too cluttered. Minimalistic reflects the modern vibe.

bathroom with double vanity


One of the most popular and probably the safest bathroom looks, in terms of design, is the traditional bathroom. The goal of this bathroom design is to create a comfortable place where function is king. Traditional baths give off warmth as soon as you step into the room and will most likely remind you of being at your mom’s house, in a good way.

The color palette is neutral in tone, so don’t expect a ton of flashy or ornamental decor to accent this type of design. Lots of cabinets are typical with a tile tub, shower wall or floor to round out the space.

Shabby Chic

Lots of romantic details come along with this interior design bathroom look. Picture elegant floral artwork and decor elements alongside distressed pieces of furniture. It wouldn’t be surprising to also peep a chandelier somewhere in a shabby chic master bath. The overall feel of this design decor can be described as country-vintage.

Introduced to the U.S. in the late 1980s, shabby chic has stuck around for the long haul. Using lots of wood material mixed with metals and ceramics, it’s not hard to see the appeal of a shabby chic bathroom renovation.


Exactly how you’d think this would look, is pretty much what you’re going to get. Infused with lots of aqua, turquoise, and cool greens, the beach bathroom is truly a sea lover’s dream. It’s hard to go to any beachside rental without finding this theme in one if not all bathrooms of the house. Not saying it’s a bad choice, but there are still tasteful standards even within a beach-themed renovation.

One of our favorite colors of all time is our Lumerian Blue granite which would be the perfect central design element of a beach-themed bathroom. Being a granite material, you could use it anywhere in the bathroom whether it’s the floor, shower wall, or bathroom vanity surface.


Yes, old-world charm is still popular. Lots of rich and warm colors are woven through this type of bathroom design, especially with paint colors. The focal point of a master bath like this would be a clawfoot bathtub of course. Overrun with jeweled and brass or gold accents, victorian bathrooms exude elegance from a past age that will charm everyone who walks into it.

Often adorned with oriental or victorian era rugs, the color palette depicts a lot of warmth. Cream or neutral-colored cabinets with a chandelier light gives this master just the backdrop it needs.


Similar in many ways to the modern style bathroom, industrial bathrooms can bring a lot of swag to a bathroom remodel. Metals and lots of chrome hardware set off this type of bathroom. Think black and white with small pops of color throughout. This could be paint accents, artwork, towel colors, one cabinet, several cabinets or bathroom vanity surfaces. The great thing is that the possibilities are wide open.

Another material often found in industrial bathrooms is mixed woods with natural stone surfaces. We see lots of bathroom vanities in this style, and the contrasting metal-wood look is amazing. May we suggest soapstone as a natural stone choice for an industrial look. The darker stone fits perfect with the style plus soapstone is a very hygienic material. It’s non-porous and makes a great fit for a room that houses a toilet, bathtub, and shower.


Taking a page out of the industrial playbook, the transitional bathroom utilizes a lot of mixed materials as it mixes little pieces of different styles. The great thing about planning your bathroom renovation is that you can ultimately decide whatever you want. If you can’t decide on one, who cares? Just make it what you want and take a little bit from the ones you want.

Mixed surfaces such as woods, metals and natural stone are popular with this style along with various art pieces and paint colors. This is popular because it allows the homeowner to make the master truly their own.

Modern toilet with nature view 3d render. There are concrete tile floor.The room has large window looking out to the tropical garden.

Size & Space

When preparing for a bathroom remodel, a big part of your consideration should be the size of your space. This will help determine layout, amount of materials and of course, estimated budget.


Are you remodeling a small bathroom? If so, think about how you want to use some space-saving options. What’s your storage situation look like now versus how you want it to be? Will you need more shelving space? Will that shelving space be open? Will you need more cabinets? Sometimes you have to decide what’s going to be a priority. If you will need extra space, but don’t want more cabinets then it sounds like some design choices need to be made. Floating shelves seem to be the go-to lately, but cabinets are simply handy.

All of these questions can help decide how your space will ultimately be designed when it comes to storage ideas.


A huge part of your bathroom remodel, the type of floor you decide on can take a while. So many factors play a part, from budget to personal choice. Bathroom tile is always up there when it comes to traditional popularity, however, trends and style guides provide us different ideas each and every year.

Natural stone for your bathroom floors, such as travertine or soapstone, makes for a great bathroom surface. The idea of having a marble floor could be a little alarming for some, but it’s a very popular choice in many luxury master baths.

Vanity & Sink

Your bathroom sink and vanity are part of your bathroom that can take up lots of space. The pedestal sink has emerged as a popular choice for people wanting a less cluttered look and to save space in their bathrooms. Also, the floating vanity is a popular trend this year, which raises the vanity, or bathroom cabinet and sink, off the ground to also give the appearance of a less cluttered room.

Often you can find bathroom vanities with a sink built into it along with surrounding storage cabinets. These are usually more budget-friendly, but if you’re customizing your master bathroom shopping separately for countertop material such as natural stone is the way to go.

Shower & Tub

There are so many different ideas for installing a tub or shower (or both) in your bathroom. If it’s a master, then it’s most likely both. A separate tub with a walk-in shower is pretty standard with the size and design being the main difference. A big trend this year is vertical space and this could be used even outside of shower walls. Whether it’s inside of the shower or outside, one of the most overlooked natural stones for bathroom use is slate.

Energy Conservation

This is something many people don’t think about but when updating their home, and that is the amount of energy you can save. Most older shower or bath areas are basic and out of date with everything from faucets, lighting, light fittings, and a modern toilet. With newer technology can come saving on energy and money for homeowners in the long run.

If you don’t have a clue about eco-saving options or ideas, it’s ok. A few ideas could be to use sustainable materials which could be natural stone, concrete or even steel where it makes sense. Speaking with a designer could help make these options feel more luxurious during your renovation.

Luxury master bath bathroom with wood cabinets, tile floor and bathtub surround, soaking tub and twin sinks with high quality fixtures in traditional upscale home interior

Home Value

One thing that can bring major value to the resale of your home, is the renovation of your master bath. Right behind the kitchen, the upgrade to the bathroom is always a smart idea. It may not be an exact dollar-for-dollar return on your investment, but an upgrade to the space that includes a shower, sink, bathtub and toilet is going to go far in the real estate industry.


Who doesn’t love getting organized? There are so many ways to organize space in bathroom renovations, and this includes installing cabinets, floating shelves or other features to help offset any clutter. Functional doesn’t have to mean a boring project without any personality. There is plenty of inspiration for homeowners looking to keep their bathroom project organized.

Peace of Mind

There is no worse feeling than after you flush the toilet and it continues running. What about having faucets or shower heads that constantly drip? These are tiny worries that can add up and drive you nuts, and during bathroom renovations, these are key details that need to be done right. Plumbing issues are no fun to deal with. Annoying drips or a running toilet should not be your reality, especially once shower or bath renovations are complete. Homeowners, please do yourselves a favor and consider these details when having plumbing and other features installed for your project.

Bathtub and furniture in a bathroom of a luxurious seaside house

All-Inclusive Design

This type of thinking probably escapes younger homeowners looking to upgrade their shower or bath, but it’s worth thinking about if you plan on staying in the home for a while. Possibly think about having to take care of older family members in the future as well. The idea behind universal design is that your renovations to your floor, shower walls, and everything in between are going to be suitable for individuals as they age. This means is it going to be easier for them to get around? Will they feel comfortable? If you don’t want to make these full-blown changes now, maybe you consider creating the space to make it easier to change in the future.

That doesn’t mean you still can’t have freestanding furniture, marble countertops, bright features, gorgeous lighting, or luxurious decor. It simply means the functionality of your space will come as more of a priority when you are evaluating cost.

The detail of a newly remodeled bathroom faucet and counter.

Bathroom Remodeling All Comes Down to You

There are is a wide range of places to look for inspiration in what you want out of your bathroom. Much of your decision is most likely based on cost. It all boils down to your taste and what you truly want. If it’s a designer mirror, marble countertops, or custom lighting, you will find a way to make it happen.

Please contact us at any of our six locations with any questions about bathroom or kitchen countertops and how we can best fit your needs.

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