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Amy Studebaker Design

Monday, October 30, 2017

Amy Studebaker Design

Marble is synonymous with class, sophistication and luxury. These are the very words we could use to describe the lovely designs of Amy Studebaker, a household name and recent HGTV “Editor’s Pick” winner.

Here’s a first hand look at a gorgeous project from Amy in which she used all Unique Stone marble to round out what she dubs, “Project Edgemont Lane”.

Marble Fit For A King Kitchen

“We have some beautiful product that we were able to use from Unique Stone Concepts. One of the rooms that I’d like to show you is this kitchen that we’ve been working on,” explains Amy. “We were very selective in our white marble. We wanted to make sure it was a very clear-clean white marble without many veining and movements. So it took a bit of time to find exactly what we wanted but working with Unique was such a great process.”

Amy describes that the process with Unique as a great relationship. “If they didn’t have it on the floor right away, they researched it for us, located the slabs and then sent us pictures. So we were actually able to locate these slabs that we’re looking at right now via pictures. They sent them in and my client and I fell in love with them.”

The specific type of marble used in this kitchen was the Danby Olympia White Marble. Amy boasts, “Unique has such a great selection of the Danby marbles, and we go toward the Danby marbles because they’re such an nice resistant marble, quite dense and perfect to be utilized in a kitchen.”

Marble Makeover In The Master Bathroom

“Another room we wanted to show you is the master bathroom for Project Edgemont Lane. Our client wanted a bit of a coastal feel, so we really tried to stay light and airy,” describes Amy. “One of the ways we went that direction was by working with Unique and selecting the Bianco Imperial Marble.

A Unique Relationship

“One of the reasons why we go to Unique is because they have so many great natural products to choose from. They’ve got a wide variety and nice size slabs,” explains Amy. “We are very detail oriented here in my firm and being able to work with the other designers at Unique, who are also very detail oriented, has been something that’s really helped us with the process and keeping organized and moving along and really getting the right selections for our clients.”

We couldn’t have said better ourselves, Amy! Unique Stone loves working with designers all over, and we’ll go the extra mile to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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