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Behind the Scenes with Tim Mulherin

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Behind the Scenes with Tim Mulherin

Isn’t it fascinating how some things work? It’s always fun to check out what makes people or objects actually tick, isn’t it? We want to treat you to a trip behind the scenes of the Unique Stones Concepts’ operation.

Take a peek with us as Unique’s own, Tim Mulherin, gives us the scoop on what he does and how it benefits the customer looking for that perfect stone slab.

A Warehouse Full of Responsibility

As the National Operations Manager for Unique Stone Concepts, Tim Mulherin explains all he had to do when he was first hired.

“My primary responsibility when they first hired me was to come in and hire the team, train for the safe handling of the stone slabs back there [warehouse], organize the warehouse, trucks and deliveries, evaluate the equipment and basically try to set up an efficient operation. Set up a team and get a team in place.”

A Regional Chess Game

“We receive containers in three branches: Kansas City, KS location, St. Louis, and Columbus, OH. We set those three up as our stocking branches. From there we distribute to our satellite branches, so Kansas City feeds Omaha, and St. Louis feeds Indianapolis and Columbus feeds Cincinnati, primarily,” Tim explains.

Tim also says, “Of course we run transfers between branches from one branch to another as needed when stock is up, higher seller or higher commodity in one market or another we try to move the material that’s needed in that market to the market when we need to.”

How Often Do You Transfer In Personal Slab Selections For A Customer?

His response to this question concerning customer service says everything about what Unique Stone Concepts stands for as he claims, “It happens all the time, absolutely. For instance if they’re looking for a lot of “White Spring” for instance, if we don’t have any more in St. Louis, we can locate that at our Indianapolis or Columbus branch and make arrangements to transfer that in.”

He goes on to explain this special customer process by informing us, “What we try to do is we try to have that customer preliminary approve by photo that we have in our SPS system. They’re able to take a look at it and decide if they like it or not and we’ll make the effort to transfer it in for that customer.”

Needless to say the customer will have a unique experience with any visit to the showroom, especially if Tim has anything to say about it.

“The inspection process ensures that the customer gets the best quality product that’s available on the market.”

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