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Biophilia?…please explain.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Biophilia?…please explain.

This Design Style Has Us Dreaming Of Spring

So we’re steeped in winter and cabin fever is definitely starting to set in. Sigh. The signs of Spring really aren’t anywhere in sight just yet. So to get us warmed up for our favorite time of year we thought we get lost in some biophilic design spaces.

Curious about biophilic design? Let’s talk about this all natural, springy, “feel-good” design.

Biophilia is a term popularized by Harvard University myrmecologist and conservationist E.O. Wilson to describe the extent to which humans are hard-wired to need connection with nature and other forms of life. What does that mean to the design world?

Creating aesthetically pleasing spaces and rooms that you want to sit in for hours takes talent, skill, and vision. These days, the design community is finding there are deeper expectations. Gone are the days of making something “look pretty”. Design matters. Health and wellness matter. The entire experience in a space matters.

To prove this simplistic statement, let the following two words sink in: biophilic design.

And just what does that mean?

The Answer

As much as it is a design concept, biophilic design is also a way of life. A way of life that, according to Timothy Schuler’s article Let Nature In, allows us to “capitalize on the human-nature connection to create more healthful spaces.”

Basically, you surround yourself with natural elements, creating an atmosphere and/or view of Mother Nature. We certainly can get on board with all things natural – you can’t get much closer to nature than raw rock from the earth.

Organic Trend

The upward trend of weaving natural materials into everyday spaces leads us to believe that something must be working. Designers are naturally drawn to using organic materials in their work.

And it comes as no surprise that many designers are using biophilia to create innovative spaces where we live, work, and play.

This says designers are playing a huge role in satisfying our innate need to be connected with the outside natural world within the modern boundary of everyday life.

Thoughtful Design Means Healthier You

When we hear builders, architects or designers discuss sustainability within the design world, we often hear buzz words like: environmental, go-green, pollution protection, water waste.

So where does biophilic design come in?

The idea of sustainability from the biophilic design perspective says why not focus on the habitat of people for their own good. Create natural connections so they can benefit from more productivity and better health.

Natural Stone: A Biophilic Main Ingredient

The best part about this design style is that it puts natural stone front and center…we, at Unique Stone Concepts, love that!

No two natural elements are ever the same. Our stone slabs aren’t carbon copies of each other. They are cut from the earth and are uniquely different.

Stone surfaces also provide an elegance that no other natural surface can bring to a space, making it a popular selection for kitchens and bathrooms specifically.

We want natural beauty surrounding us in these types of spaces, don’t we? These spaces are personal and we want serenity plus functionality. Natural stone can give us both. With lots of new offerings in the natural stone category, stop by your local Unique Stone showroom and let us help you create your vision.

Ready to see how Biophilia can work in your space?

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