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Tidy Kitchen: What You Need to Know about Cleaning Granite Countertops

Monday, October 26, 2015

Tidy Kitchen: What You Need to Know about Cleaning Granite Countertops

gialloWhen you are preparing to install new kitchen countertops, care and maintenance of the material should be taken into consideration. Some materials require considerably more care and may not be as durable overall as others. So which countertop material should you go for?

Granite countertops are a preferred option due to their unique style as well as because of how easy they are to care for and to maintain over the years. When you learn more about the care and cleaning requirements for granite, you will see why this is the material to choose for your counters.

Regular Cleaning Efforts

One of the many things that homeowners love about having granite counter tops in the kitchen is that they are so easy to clean on a regular basis. They will not harbor bacteria, so they generally can be cleaned with soap and warm water. Then again, you should avoid using harsh cleaning agents on them, such as those that are acidic in nature or those that have bleach. These can break down the minerals in the granite over time and can lead to damage if you continue to use them.

Sealing Your Counters

Granite counters typically will need to be sealed once every year or two. This will help you to keep them looking like new and make them more resistant to certain types of damage. Sealing them is an easy project for many homeowners to do, and you can purchase the sealant in a local store or through your granite counters installation company. Since sealing needs to be completed so infrequently, many homeowners rarely consider this as part of the regular cleaning and maintenance that granite requires.

Granite is a natural stone material that is known to be resistant to staining, scratching, and burning. With how heavily kitchen counter tops are used, many homeowners love the fact their granite countertops will continue to look amazing even with regular use and the fact that they require very little care to maintain and keep clean. With these features available in an upgraded material that gives your home a luxurious look, you can see why granite is a countertop material that many homeowners choose to install in their kitchen.

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