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Design Trends for Your Kitchen and Bath You Can’t Miss in 2021

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Design Trends for Your Kitchen and Bath You Can’t Miss in 2021

Show of hands, who cannot wait to flip the calendar to 2021? You can’t see us, but we’re collectively raising every hand we’ve got. If 2020 has been less than ideal, now’s the time to start getting excited about the possibilities of 2021. More specifically, let’s be proactive about our design plans.

Kitchen and bath trends rolling into 2021 are going to be huge, and we’re here for the big reveal – so be prepared to make note of what inspires you.  


2021 Top Kitchen Trends


Marble Madness

Any type of marble is considered luxurious, but next year it’s all about the veining. Nothing says luxury like a giant vein running through your countertops to grab your attention. Marble with bold patterns is all the rage, so the heavier the veining the better. Marble has never really gone out of style, but people will be going mad about marble next year. Mark our marbled words.


Natural Wood

All wood cabinets present a very simple look for your kitchen, but only if paired with the right countertops. We’re not talking just any color here, but neutral countertops are what bring out the best in a kitchen featuring all wood cabinets. We’re suggesting something like our Colonial White granite. Naturally, it’s the way to go. 


Dark & Dramatic

Have a flare for the dramatic? You’re in luck. Rich and bold colors are popular choices for kitchens in 2021. Dark cabinets, dark flooring, dark countertops or all of the above. Get lost in colors like Lumerian Blue or Ursula quartzite and rack up major style points next year.  


Pop Goes the Color

Nothing is off limits with this colorful trend. Appliances, backsplashes, countertops, or even flooring could use a pop of color. Your choice. It’s all about balancing the bold with everyday, basic neutrals.


Double Kitchen Islands

This kitchen design idea will have your guests doing a double take. Literally. Function is taking over the kitchen space more than ever and featuring double kitchen islands will have you trending in the right direction next year.


2021 Top Bath Trends

Go Gold or Go Home

Hardware, countertops, backsplashes, vanities, flooring – you name it and gold is the gateway to a modern bath design. This lavish, royal tone is available in several surface options to transform your bath. Our Magma Gold granite offers a deliciously bold choice or our classy Nero Marinace Gold granite are both perfect in any bathroom setting.


Clean and Green

Choosing to surround yourself with green in the bathroom is an intentional appeal for calm, nature-like harmony. The word for this is cocooning. The idea is to wrap yourself up in the beauty of nature. The bathroom should be considered a sacred space for you, a relaxing oasis for escape and self-care. Think natural plants and green hues to create the effect of being submerged in the outdoors. Ahhhhhh.


Happy Earth Day

When designing a bathroom space, choosing a color palette and complementary design materials are key to creating the vibe you want people to feel upon entering. Earthy tones and natural colors are popular choices because they add warmth. Many don’t know that limestone works perfectly in the bathroom. Our limestone colors like Golden Beach or Perlino Bianco add natural, earthy hues. When paired with black hardware, it sets the whole room off. 


Book Matching

This statement style spells out luxury in perfect symmetry, especially using marble. Book matching your natural stone creates an enviable wow factor. Selecting the right place for it can help accentuate your bathroom in just the right way. 


Mix It Up

A fun Frankenstein-ish way to design your bathroom for next year is to simply mix it up. Taking different parts of different styles and mashing them up together to create a unique space all your own is very on trend. Don’t be afraid to take a chance with this one. It’s okay if sleek and modern meets a bold pattern, and maybe that bold pattern comes in the form of a bathroom vanity like Mapa Mundi. Have fun experimenting!


Remodel in Style in 2021

Now is the time to take every pin, tag, note, favorited pic, or shared post and prioritize what you’d like to make happen for yourself in 2021. It’s a new year and you have a blank slate, so let’s make it count!  

Reach out to us at any of our six locations with any questions or to book a personal appointment to view our showroom. 


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