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Laminam XL Porcelain: Our latest product offering

Monday, March 26, 2018

Laminam XL Porcelain: Our latest product offering

Once in a while a product comes along that changes the landscape of an industry. Like Apple for example, when the iPhone came out it revolutionized how we communicate. This year’s revolutionary product for us has arrived and we’re not talking about the iPhone X, though we do love those animojis!

No, we are referring to Laminam XL porcelain, the high-end surface solution that’s so unbelievably adaptable it has us brimming with excitement for designers, builders, and homeowners alike. The number of ways Laminam XL can be used is infinite.


The fabric of porcelain is very lightweight and matches natural stone in strength, making it very popular for fabricators and builders. It has qualities that make it an attractive choice for any project from indoor to outdoor, commercial to residential, flooring, tabletops, wall cladding, back splashes, and more.

That backsplash and island pairing is the perfect punch for this modern kitchen.

Exclusively offered by Unique Stone Concepts, this new porcelain is the perfect combination of luxury and durability, it will surely impress.

Laminam XL porcelain can be warm and cozy too. The neutrals and warmer tones certainly will strike a chord.

Quality – Second to none

Laminam XL is a smart choice not only because of the quality of material but also how environmentally friendly and cost effective it is. Interestingly, this particular porcelain is manufactured on high quality machines that Laminam has created.

The investment made in this advanced machinery allows the creation of high quality slabs while monitoring the entire process. Nothing slips through the cracks, and quality control is key. All lending to peace of mind in your selection.


Inspired by many classic Italian marbles, as well as the earth tones of natural stone, the variety of colors offered can add substance to match anyone’s style. Take a minute to be wowed by how effortless this material looks across any application. From commercial kitchen to kitchen table, Laminam XL porcelain does it all.

The surface is engineered using all natural materials so it’s eco-friendly, as well as non-etch, non-scratch, heat resistant and completely maintenance free!

Laminam XL does its best impression of Italian white marble in this commercial restaurant and kitchen space. It’s even got us doing a double take.

This breathtaking desk uses the waterfall design feature.

See our large selection online or stop by our beautiful showrooms where we are always ready to help you bring your vision to life.

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