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Monthly Exotic – White Diamond

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Monthly Exotic – White Diamond

This exotic is as luxurious as it sounds. Elizabeth Taylor would be very proud. White Diamond is a posh and rich looking quartzite built to last anywhere you dream to put it.

Maranda and Elliot talk details on why White Diamond is the exotic of the month.

White Diamond

“Today we’re talking about White Diamond which is a very high-end quartzite,” explains Maranda, “it has a very beautiful, white translucent background that can actually be backlit so the whole slab can glow. It originated from Brazil, and as a quartzite it is a stronger and more durable material than even granite.”

The Miracle Mineral

“The black that you see in it is a mineral called biotite. A lot of times depending on where that biotite is in there, a lot of times they can work around it” says Elliot.

“Some people love it. They say they love this quartz look but we also love the little bit of black in it, the little bit of veining in it, so some people want to include it. Some people want to try and have their fabricator remove it, or cut around it and put the sink cut out there and a lot of times that’s possible.”

Biotite: a very common mineral of the mica group, occurring in black, dark brown, or dark green sheets and flakes.

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