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Monthly Exotic – White Flower

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Monthly Exotic – White Flower

White Flower flows as delicate as the name suggests. Whites and grays collide together in this unique stone to give it the look of pure bliss.

Elliot Uchitelle gives us the scoop on where this exotic slab comes from and what other new surfaces are on the horizon.

White Flower

“Today we’re talking about a material called White Flower, from India. With the popularity of whites and grays, the Indian suppliers and quarry owners have been looking for that produce these materials with whites and grays and maybe a little bit of blue in it. White Flower is one of those”explains Elliot.

What’s New?

“Speaking of new colors, we have two new ones that will be arriving in about a month that we’re very excited about ” says Elliot. “One is called Amazonita, and it’s from Brazil and it really is like a gem stone. So we’re very excited about that.”

Elliot also introduces the other unique stone coming into their warehouse called Azul Do Mar, describing that they are “mosaics, rectangular mosaics throughout the slab. So you’re gonna get a beautiful blue marble but with a mosaic pattern. First time, we’ve ever done that and we’re excited.”

New colors come in often, so contact your local showroom to find out which colors are available because these are worth seeing up close!

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