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Here’s Why Starting With Your Stone Selection Saves You Time And Money

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Here’s Why Starting With Your Stone Selection Saves You Time And Money

Well, here we are. We made it through January 2021 and we’re still in a pandemic. This pandemic has probably forced you to cancel your annual family vacation plans among other social outings. Heck, some even decided to cancel their family Christmas last year. 

This darn virus has greatly reduced the amount of money you have been spending on restaurants, movies, and outings in general. And you and your family have never spent as much time in your house as you have in the past year. The silver lining is that you have made the smart decision, like so many others, to finally renovate your kitchen. Yes! 

So now you’re left asking the question, “What’s my first step?”

It all starts with selecting your stone 

When you decide to give your kitchen an upgrade, there are a million questions and ideas that immediately pop into your head. It becomes downright overwhelming, but this is where our expertise comes in handy. 

We’ve worked with countless customers over the years and we can tell you that selecting your countertop material first is the best decision you will ever make. You wouldn’t believe how many times customers have expressed to us the design choices they would’ve made differently had they known they could get natural stone countertops in almost any color imaginable. We’re talking about changing cabinets, flooring, paint colors – all because they didn’t know natural stone came in a specific color. 

The smart decision is to start the process at Unique Stone Concepts. 

Why you should start your kitchen renovation project by selecting your countertop material first


Your kitchen countertops are the true focal point of your kitchen

When you walk into a kitchen, the first thing you typically see are the countertops and kitchen island. This is especially true for the kitchen island since it often sits smack in the middle of the room. With that in mind, kitchen countertops and islands should hold a lot of weight when it comes to deciding how much you invest in your kitchen renovation. The material and color will drive all of the other design decisions surrounding it. When it comes to this functional focal point, making sure you have the right style in place is a huge deal. 

The kitchen is the heart of the home

Eating. Drinking. Laughing. This is where you and your family spend the most time together. To us, the quality of the countertops should match the quality of the time you spend with those you love. The investment is worth it for years to come. 


Unique Stone Concepts has hundreds of colors to choose from

Our showroom and warehouse hold hundreds of different colors and countertop materials to ensure you’ll find the exact color and product you envision for your beautiful new kitchen. You will be making lots of decisions such as paint color, cabinet color, and flooring material, but once you select your countertop, the rest of your kitchen project will fall into place.


What type of stone will you choose? 

Now that you understand the importance of selecting your kitchen countertop material first, a very critical question still remains. Will it be granite, quartz, marble or quartzite? Will the colors be bold or subtle? Classic or contemporary?

All too often, we hear the comments like “I sure wish I had come here before I chose my cabinets,” or “Next time I renovate I will know not to finalize my flooring before picking out my countertop material.” We highly recommend selecting the countertop material and color in the beginning of your renovation project to best fulfill your vision for your kitchen. 

If you’re wondering what type of countertop surface to select, here are a few questions we found from our friends at Remodelista to help guide you: 

  1. How are you going to use your kitchen countertops? 
  2. How much maintenance can you handle? 
  3. How much countertop space are you needing? 
  4. What’s your budget? 
  5. What’s your style? 

So many factors influence what type of kitchen countertops to buy. From aesthetics to budget, these are questions that need answers. Take some time to do your research and figure out the parameters for your project before jumping into anything. 


Our Most Popular Surfaces

If you’re absolutely stuck on where to start and need some help, we’ve compiled a quick list for your new kitchen renovation project. There are so many kitchen countertop surfaces to choose from, it can help to break it down. Here are some of our most popular choices selected by people and families just like you: 

Granite Countertops

No huge surprise here because granite countertops are pretty much the king when it comes to kitchen countertops. Chosen for its durability and low-maintenance upkeep, granite is at the top of the list. The amount of colors we offer makes it easy to find that perfect stone to match your style. 

Marble Countertops

It’s a status thing. If you have the ability to put marble in your kitchen, do it. As long as it is properly sealed, the maintenance is not as bad as most people think. Plus, the veining that flows through marble is dazzling and second to none. 

Quartz Countertops

Our selection of engineered stones will rival any natural stone out there. If you’re not open to the idea of getting the real thing from Mother Earth, then we’ve got the next best thing and it’s becoming more popular by the day. Easy to clean and ready for your family’s mess, quartz could be the perfect option for you. 


Remember it all starts here 

By starting at Unique Stone Concepts, you can make sure you pick the exact material and color that will be the focal point of your kitchen for many, many years to come. There’s no second guessing when you choose your kitchen countertop material first. It really is the most important design decision you can make for your kitchen remodel.

With locations in Cincinnati, Columbus, Omaha, Indianapolis, St. Louis and Kansas City, our experts are ready to get you started with your much anticipated kitchen renovation. 

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