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6 Stone Myths Debunked

Friday, February 24, 2017

6 Stone Myths Debunked

Olympia Polarstone Quartz | Karr-Bick | Studio10Seven

Olympia Polarstone Quartz | Karr-Bick | Studio10Seven

The worldwide web has a wealth of information regarding natural stone and solid surfaces. Some good, some bad. Some fact, some fiction. Either way there is a lot of contradictory information confusing buyers where stone is concerned.

On a daily basis the same confusion and concerns are voiced to our staff. We’d like to take this opportunity to set things straight.

Myth #1: Natural stone can stain and harbor bacteria

Natural stones such as marble, limestone and travertine are porous materials that are more susceptible to stains. Granite on the other hand is nearly indestructible. Stains can occur in any natural material, but with the right treatment can be eliminated and if sealed properly staining can be avoided. As for bacteria, well, let’s face it–bacteria is everywhere. Like any other surface, if cleaned with an antibacterial cleaning solution, natural stone will not harbor bacteria.

Myth #2: Quartzite is a soft material

There is NO such thing as a soft quartzite. On the MOHs scale (A relative scale of mineral hardness developed by German Mineralogist Friedrich Mohs in 1822 ranking ten common minerals by their scratch resistance), Quartzite is a 7, making it harder than glass and even a knife blade. Bottom line, true quartzite, (which Unique Stone Concepts carries and continually tests all material for authenticity) is impervious to staining, etching or scorching.

Myth #3: Natural stone is out of style

This is just NOT true! While some styles and colors may trend in and out, natural stone remains the leading surface choice for countertops. Every slab of natural stone is truly Unique and can not be replicated. Therefore a space with natural stone is completely individual to one’s taste and vision.

Myth #4: Quartz is indestructible

Truth is quartz is an extremely durable material. Does not stain, or etch. With that being said, quartz can be scorched. Pots and pans taken straight off the stove top or out of the oven and set directly on a quartz surface can possibly scorch the surface, the use of trivets can alleviate this concern.

 Myth #5: Natural stone doesn’t ever need to be sealed

To increase the longevity of your natural stone countertops, sealing is a necessity. Over time sealants can wear off and lose their ability to protect the stone. This all depends on the sealant you use. Ask your Unique Stone Concepts representative or your fabricator about the MORE sealant offered by USC.

Myth #6: Natural Stone is more expensive than man-made or solid surfaces

All countertop surfaces natural or man-made will range in price depending the look and particular color. Rarity and uniqueness will decide the price point, not necessarily the material it is made of.

We hope this helps answer some of the questions you may have. As always our staff is available and eager to assist you with anything you may need when it comes to bringing your vision for your home to life. Visit one of our Showrooms today, you’ll be amazed by the possibilities.

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