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A Unique Commercial Project in Hermann, Missouri

Thursday, November 30, 2017

A Unique Commercial Project in Hermann, Missouri

A favorite part of what we do is that we get to bring all sorts of visions to life. From stunning kitchens to eye-popping restaurant bar tops. It never gets old.

Our latest commercial project takes us to the wine country of Hermann, MO. Come along with us as we reveal the humble beginnings of one of Hermann’s newest hot spots boasting our fabulous backlit surfaces.

How It All Started

“Like all projects this really just started with a grand idea,” says Fernweh Operations Manager, Andrew Weiss. “First off, just an atmosphere in Hermann that was different than just the wineries that you get around here and we kind of wanted to create a niche environment.”

Andrew and his team were passionate about bringing something truly unique to the Hermann area. “Just another place for people to come and celebrate the town and celebrate the heritage and community that was already thriving here,” he explains. “So when we came across ‘Fernweh’, it spoke to all of us and it’s a German word that means, ‘wanderlust’; ‘far sickness’ and ‘a desire to explore and experience new things’”.

Can You Tell Us A Bit About The Surface You Chose?

Sable Dixon, Fernweh’s Marketing Director, shares “When we were looking for the top for our bars, we wanted something that would pop out when you walked through the door.” She goes on to explain, “We had this idea to backlight the top so they would glow, so we worked closely with Jeff at Unique Stone and he was super helpful. We ultimately settled on going and checking out the Mystic Fog Quartzite in their showroom and we just loved it.”

How Did You Feel About Your Experience With Unique Stone?

“The process at Unique Stone was at seamless and Jeff was very easy to work with and extremely helpful,” Sable describes. “I had a lot of questions. We all had a lot of questions to be answered and he was there late at night emailing,” Sable laughs. “Once we made our decision on the Mystic Fog Quartzite, Jeff did his checking around and made sure we had all the product we needed. He hustled and found it and it was all here at one time.” Sable and the crew were beyond impressed and she claims, “I think they just worked out perfect. Definitely created that warm, inviting atmosphere and also gave it that little pizazz. Like something special.”

We love what we do, and every customer we work with. We can help you expand your vision beyond just kitchen or bath surface applications. Homeowners, Designers, Architects and Commercial Customers…dream big. We’re here to help with your project and can’t wait to work together soon.

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