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Our Customer Experience

Monday, June 12, 2017

Our Customer Experience

Local homeowner, Rita Johnson, recently remodeled her kitchen. Unhappy with the look of the most used room in the house, she decided to start looking for some design inspiration.

She knew her first task would be to get new countertops. Out with the old, in with the new! This is where her story begins.

The Old Look

“We moved into the home ten years ago and when we moved in the house was two years old. The black granite I didn’t love but I thought I would change it down the road,” explains Rita.

“I have a gray stone fireplace that happens to be the focal point of the room,” Rita describes and she also wanted to lighten up the look and go with more neutral colors.

Rita knew what she would have to do next and that was to find a granite that would tie in the warm colors as well as the cool tones of the fireplace. What she didn’t know is what a huge challenge it would be to find the perfect slab of granite.

Luckily she found Unique Stone Concepts.

The Quest For The Perfect Slab

“I visited every wholesaler in St. Louis I knew, probably eight to ten,” Rita says, “and some of them two to three times.”

When she found Unique, she actually visited twice and on her second visit she met her new BFF and Unique Stone designer, Sylvia.

“She held my cabinet door up to the various granite slabs and within ten minutes she had found two selections that were absolutely perfect.”

Sylvia & Rita Become BFFs

From the moment she met Sylvia, Rita gushes over how she was treated like a true personal customer. She basically chose Sylvia as her own personal interior designer and they’ve never looked back.

Sylvia weighs in on their professional relationship claiming, “When you live with something for a really long time, like the black perimeter counters, and when you’re switching gears it helps when there’s somebody with fresh eyes and no preconceived ideas of what your home really looks like.”

Rita shares with Sylvia, “I’m technically not your customer. My fabricator is your customer but you really treated me like a direct customer and to me that was really important. I had a great experience here and I would recommend anyone to Unique who is shopping for the local wholesaler.”

The New Look

After shopping around and spending days and hours on finding that perfect slab, Rita finally settled on a neutral color of granite with Sylvia’s help and expertise.

Her black countertops and green colored walls have since been transformed to a beautiful new look.

“I ended up choosing the White Arcadia and I couldn’t be happier,” says Rita.

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