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We’re Saying Goodbye to Design Trends of the Last Decade

Sunday, January 31, 2021

We’re Saying Goodbye to Design Trends of the Last Decade

Out with the old, in with the new

It was early 2010 when music superstar Justin Bieber released his debut album. More than a decade later, Bieber Fever is still going strong. In the design world, however, many popular trends don’t have the same staying power. All good things must come to an end, and we’re saying farewell to some trends that were all the rage in the 2010s. 

In the tradition of the new year, we often contemplate what we could leave behind to make room for something new. For most of us, 2020 was an entire year to leave behind. For the interior design industry, we’re making way for fresh, new trends that are on the way to save the day (and year)!

Ta-ta Trends of the Past


Farmhouse bathroom with shiplap

Designers everywhere are jumping ship on shiplap. This trendy design made popular in the 2010s was EVERYWHERE, and was used to bring some texture to sad, drab walls. According to Insider’s interview with DIY host and designer, Rachel Street, shiplap is the fastest fading trend. Don’t get us wrong, shiplap has been an appealing go-to choice to punch up your space – but we don’t anticipate this trend will stay afloat much longer.


Gray Kitchens

Open Concept Elegant and Spacious Kitchen with large gray custom Cabinets

As popular as this monochromatic look has been, the bloom is quickly fading from the sterling rose. All-gray cabinets, walls and countertop tones can start to feel blah without contrast. If you had this in the back of your mind as a future possibility, you may want to think again – and start thinking in color.

Accent Walls

When this trend first came out, everyone on the planet had an accent wall. It was the quickest way to make your room more interesting. It added a fun flare and broke up an otherwise dull room with a major pop of color. It seemed no color was off limits. Today, the fun flare is now barely flickering, and the impact it once had is about to be extinguished for good.


Hello fresh design trends

Granny Chic

Floral chic wallpaper

If you’re in need of a better explanation, we’re going to give you two words: floral wallpaper. The obsessive need for this vintage vibe is becoming increasingly popular. Not sure if it’s a nostalgic thing or just the need for a rug that used to look like your grandma’s, but granny chic is now the go-to flea market find. So if you’re rummaging through grandma’s attic for folksy design pieces from days of old, please just leave the moth balls behind.


Designed Backsplashes

Modern kitchen counter with designed backsplash

Silky tiled kitchen backsplashes are soon heading out to pasture. No more subway tiles and no more uniformed smooth porcelain. Instead, think about hand painted tiles with a unique design or a book matched slab of natural stone. Either one is poised for a dramatic debut in your kitchen this year.


Green Kitchen Cabinets

Lime green modern kitchen.

Drama in the kitchen is what 2021 is all about, and one of the top trends springing up is the color green. Not just anywhere, but your kitchen cabinets. The shade is really up to you, which is what makes this trend an easy one to take hold of because you can customize it to your taste. With any shade of green, we’re recommending carrara marble kitchen countertops to bring out the gray veining in this beautiful stone. We foresee some envious family and friends as a result of this growing trend.


Time for a new look in 2021

The calendar has flipped and we’re taking out the old to make way for the new. This is especially true in the design world this year, so get ready for a fresh new look. 

Please call us at any of our six locations with any questions. It’s easy to be afraid of change, but it can also be a good thing. Embrace it and don’t look back. 

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