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Why Remodeling Your Kitchen & Bath is the Smartest Decision

Monday, November 30, 2020

Why Remodeling Your Kitchen & Bath is the Smartest Decision

Our house is a very very very fine house. Are you singing it like we hope you are? The amazing thing about your home is that it’s YOUR home. You have the power to make it your own and have it reflect everything about you and your family’s style. The hard part is prioritizing those signature pieces, and figuring out what’s worth the investment.

Not everything is worth a major update. Whether it’s a new home, a custom home being built or your current home, there are some decisions to be made. One thing is for certain – kitchen countertops will ALWAYS be at the top of the list to upgrade. In fact, 55% of homeowners from a survey agree, indicating they would’ve paid MORE for granite countertops. 

Hope you’re ready to take some notes. Let’s get into it! 

Here’s what you need to know

Kitchen Remodel

We all know the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where memories are made making Grandma’s famous cheesecake recipe or where you overcook your very first Thanksgiving turkey. Kitchens are essential, and upgrading from builder-grade countertops will not only up your resale value but could also change the way you live your life. 


If you’re still on the fence about putting natural stone countertops into your kitchen from the get-go, that’s ok, but here’s something to keep in mind. Often contractors only use one natural stone company when building houses, so options are limited and the price is typically much higher. If you can wait and find a supplier like Unique Stone, it could save you money. Plus, you have a much wider range of materials to choose from. 


If you’re still not convinced, 80% of homebuyers have placed the kitchen in their top three most important spaces, revealing that this is an investment worth making. 

Bathroom Remodel

Because the bathroom is a smaller space, design becomes even more important. Aside from this being one of the most important rooms of the house when it comes to marketability, it’s also a room where you want to feel pampered.

Having upgraded bathroom vanities gives you the chance to reward yourself with some deserved luxury. 

Whether you’re choosing marble, granite, soapstone or quartz, new bathroom vanities will provide instant value to your home. In fact, renovations of bathrooms can add 80-115% of their cost to the value of the home. Remember, cabinets can be painted. Hardware is easy to replace. Quality flooring can even be done easily on your own or with help from family or friends. Bathroom vanities, however, are a key piece to creating the perfect space in your bathroom and setting yourself up for future resale success. 

Remodeling your kitchen or bath is always a good idea

When it comes to home searches and home building, it’s no secret which two rooms get the most attention. Research shows that kitchens and baths have real value to homeowners and home buyers. When you’re ready to take the leap to a new kitchen or bath, make sure to stop by our showroom. We have the largest variety of natural stone including marble and granite for all of your design and style needs. We also provide our specialty Ellipse countertops that are engineered perfectly for any space of your home.

Please call us at any of our six locations with any questions. We say go ahead and pull the trigger on that home renovation project. It’s worth it! 

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