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Introducing The Ellipse Natural Series

Friday, July 14, 2017

Introducing The Ellipse Natural Series

New colors in the Ellipse quartz line have arrived at Unique Stone Concepts and Elliot Uchitelle discusses the popularity of engineered quartz highlighting what we at Unique are calling the Ellipse Natural Series.

Introducing The Natural Series

“On a recent buying trip, Nic, our outside territory manager in Kansas City and I found three new colors of quartz,” Elliot explains, “these quartz colors are going be the start of our Natural Series.”

We very excited about these colors coming in because of the finish, which is honed. Elliot describes how the colors are the first honed quartz material they’ve brought in.

Not sure what a honed finish is? It is basically a dull, matte finish–the opposite of a polished finish which is shiny and glossy.

Colors Of The Natural Series

“These three colors really mimic limestone,” says Elliot. “There’s Ellipse Buff, Ellipse Dove, and Ellipse Sable which are three limestone looking materials that are taupe, gray and brown colors and very popular and consistent.”

Elliot also mentions we will be adding some marble looks to the Natural Series coming soon. He explains adding some “white marbles and also a black marble look so we continue to increase our offerings of quartz.”

Popular Colors

“For us the white marble looks continue to be very popular and we have a very good offering in our Polarstone but we’ve noticed some requests and demands for some little bit darker colors and limestone looking colors as opposed to the marbles,” Elliot describes, “so that’s why we’ve started our Natural Series.

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