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Bathroom Vanities & Showers

Most buyers of materials for bathroom vanities and showers usually struggle more with style and cost than functional efficiency. Bathroom surfaces typically don’t face the same abuse as those in the kitchen, so durability is rarely an issue. When shopping for these surfaces, consider the aesthetic value above all.



  • Provides elegance to bathroom countertops and showers
  • Comes in a virtual rainbow of colors, from nearly pure white to pale pinks and blues to dramatic blacks and browns
  • Susceptible to stains, perhaps more so than any of its counterparts
  • Best used in baths where it’s likely to receive gentle treatment and proper maintenance


  • Often a good choice for more informal interiors, as it has a certain primitive appeal
  • Most often honed to a matte finish
  • Absorbent which makes proper cleaning and maintaining an imperative
  • Available in a wide variety of colors


  • Naturally splits into broad, thin layers, perfectly suitable for countertops
  • Organic look makes it another good choice for informal spaces
  • Most often available in solid gray, black or green
  • Much softer than granite but extremely durable and is not prone to staining


  • Provides a rich look
  • Premier choice among the varieties of natural stone
  • Extremely hard rock finish
  • Has a shimmering beauty that results from the crystals of quartz, mica and feldspar trapped within it.
  • Durability means it will be yours to enjoy for years to come
  • Bacteria-resistant and with proper sealing is highly stain-resistant
  • Nearly impossible to scratch
  • Available in a striking array of colors
  • Likely to add resale value to your home


  • Very much at home in the bathroom
  • Typically gray in color
  • Highly resistant to heat yet softer than most of its counterparts
  • Very dense non-porous material, even more so than marble, slate, limestone or granite. That’s good for bathrooms, because the surface will not stain; liquids simply can’t penetrate it and very little maintenance is required