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Jan 31 2021

We’re Saying Goodbye to Design Trends of the Last Decade

Out with the old, in with the new It was early 2010 when music superstar Justin Bieber released his debut album. More than a decade later, Bieber Fever is still going strong. In the design world, however, many popular trends don’t have the same staying power....

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Jan 15 2016

8 Natural Stones To Satisfy Your Kitchen or Bathroom Project

You’ve just spent the last ten minutes of your friend’s dinner party drooling over their newly remodeled kitchen. Running your fingertips across the smooth finish of the countertops imagining for half a second it was yours.  Until you eventually return home to realize your counters don’t...

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Oct 26 2015

Home Remodeling: Granite as a Long-lasting and Vogueish Material

When people remodel their homes, they want to select materials that will last for years and prove to be a good investment. More people are choosing to use granite in their homes for this reason. Granite is a natural material that withstands years of wear and tear. It also offers beauty and appeal that people want for their homes.

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Oct 26 2015

How to Find and Choose High-Quality Granite Countertops for Your Home

When you remodel your home, you want to know that you are getting the highest quality materials available to you. If you are new to picking out granite countertops, home remodeling businesses may be able to help you in your search for the best selection of this material. However, you should also know yourself how to choose granite that will be an asset to your house. These strategies can help you find granite that will be worth the money that you pay for it.

Oct 26 2015

The Popularity of Granite as a Material for Home Kitchen Countertops

Home remodeling materials rise and fall in popularity. One of the most enduring choices for homes today, however, is granite. The material remains a favorite among homeowners for a number of reasons, not the least of which granite’s unique attributes and advantages. When they choose kitchen countertops, families often find that this material suits their needs the best and gives them the fresh, updated look they want.