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Ask The Experts (Part 3)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Ask The Experts (Part 3)

If we want a luxurious look like marble in our kitchen, but don’t want the maintenance what are the choices? Get the answer and more in the third installment of Ask the Experts.

Can I get a quartz that has that rich marble look?

“The quartz products that are out there now days are doing a very good job of giving you more of a marble look, say the Calacatta look, like our Polarstone line,” explains designer Maranda Cocking. “Quartz obviously has stepped up their game to give you more options for natural looks.”

President, Elliot Uchitelle describes the other quartz line they have, Ellipse. “We have the Ellipse colors, some of the more basic colors and now we’re going to be bringing in some Ellipse marble looks as well as some limestones which are going to be very popular.”

“Quartz is child resistant, family resistant, husband resistant, mother-in-law resistant, and there you’ll have your marble-like looking kitchen without having to babysit it,” says Sylvia Woody, another St. Louis location designer, who also jokingly mentions that it’s even babysitter resistant.

What is the difference between quartz and quartzite?

“Quartz is a man-made material, it’s a ground down quartz material that is eventually glued together and then an image is created on it,” explains Maranda.

She adds, “Quartzite is a natural material that is created closer to the earth’s core. So over hundreds of thousands of years of intense heat and pressure it gives you more of a crystal look that a lot of people are coveting because it looks like marble but the strength and durability of a quartzite surpasses even a granite.”

What are some uses for soapstone?

Maranda describes, “It can be used in a kitchen setting. What I love about soapstone is that if you give it that oil rub it brings out this rich luxurious and darker tone to it.”

She also says, “You can let it dry out and you can get some gray tones with some slight veining in it, but it is easier to etch so you want to be a little more careful. But for the most part you can use soapstone in just about any setting indoors or outdoors.”

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