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Ask The Experts

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ask The Experts

Should I use granite in my kitchen? Is travertine a good option for a bathroom tub surround? Curious what the answers are?

Our in house stone experts answer these and more in this first episode of “Ask the Experts”.

I’m looking for a classic look for my bathroom. Any suggestions?

“Travertine just gives you a very natural look,” explains Maranda, “it’s a softer material so it’s great for a bathroom setting. Typically something you would use in a less traffic area,” she adds.

“You can use it in other settings as well but Travertine just gives you that classic look with some of those beige and brown tones and even some whiter tones. It is a very popular option for a bathroom setting.”

I’m in need of a low maintenance surface. Where do I start?

“If you want a kitchen or a bathroom where you’re absolutely not gonna have to worry about maintenance, the best choices are granite or quartz” says Elliot.

Elliot explains, “We consider them very similar. The one advantage to granite over quartz is that you don’t have to worry about putting some heat right on granite. Where as with quartz you have to be careful.” He also adds, “Granite and quartz versus marble, travertine, limestone, soapstones, they’re gonna be harder and there’s gonna be less maintenance.”

If I want a dramatic backlit look, which stone should I use?

Maranda gives out some details saying, “Onyxes are a great material. They’re thinner, they can be backlit if you want that wow factor.”

She adds, “If you want that wow factor for say a bar or we’ve even seen onyx inset into the back of a bathroom shower so it gives you a kind of a natural night-light so to speak, onyxes are great for that option.”

Our in house designer, Sylvia, also adds that a “backlit countertop is very elegant, very luxurious and it just has that wow factor that you can’t get with anything else, even marble.”

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