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2017’s Best Fall Color Trends and Pairings

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

2017’s Best Fall Color Trends and Pairings

Every year a waiting game is played to see which colors will dethrone the latest trends in the design world and this year is no exception. The line up of fall colors have arrived on the scene and it’s hard to choose just one word to describe the collection.

After seeing the swatches huddled together though, there is a word that comes to mind. Rich. Deeply rich and gorgeous hues which are sure to grace the fashion and design world for months to come.

If you are looking to remodel or freshen up rooms in your home, these are the colors to trend toward for a fashion forward look. However, if you are unsure as to how you would use them in your home, our professional in- house Design Consultants are here for you.

Their impeccable taste and style can help you navigate your all-important questions of which colors are best for which slabs. Yes, countertops can clash with other rooms. Just ask Rita Johnson, one of our beloved clients.

Here our designers weigh in on these color trends and some of the stone slabs that would complement them.

Complementary Colors

One of our St. Louis Design Consultants, Laury Kremer, shares with us her thoughts on some of her favorite colors in this fall line up and we really love her selections. She certainly gives us a lot to think about and lays out some picture perfect palettes.

Silver Dream Granite
Silver Dream

“We have a new Granite called Silver Dream, which would be the perfect backdrop for the fall color palette, Navy Peony and Neutral Gray,” describes Laury “and for a refreshing pop of color, throw in the Marina Blue!”

Laury adds another twist to her original palette for true “Fall” lovers out there, and now we are really in the mood to light the fire pit and grab a wrap!

“For those who want that cozy, autumn feel then accent the Navy Peony/Neutral Gray palette with Tawny Port instead of Marine Blue.”

Our designers couldn’t seem to get enough of these fall inspiring color trends, so Laury jumped back into the color gauntlet to select another fabulous stone to go with some of these delicious fall colors.

Her choice? The lovely Sea Pearl Quartzite, a beach lover’s dream!

“To keep the feel of the beach all year around,” Laury explains, “the elegance of our Sea Pearl Quartzite is perfect, anchored in a sandy color with hues of subtle marine blues, beach glass greens, and inky ocean blues.”

“The same autumn palette of Navy Peony, Neutral Gray and Tawny Port would definitely pair well with this stone.”

Laury shakes up the colors even more by adding, “For a surprise accent, try the Spruce Green with the Sea Pearl Quartzite and Navy Peony/Natural Gray palette.”

We couldn’t agree more!

Color-tastic Design

Our Columbus based designer, Ashley Mosier, lends her fresh eye and style to give us some true design inspiration.

Ashley is drawn to the luxurious Tawny Port that just seems to be capturing all the designer’s attention this season.

“Fanciful colors are not just for the fall season. Tawny Port is a stunning deep rich red color great for accenting our Dolce Vita marble,” Ashley says.

Grigio Carnico-Neutral Gray
Blue Crazy Horse-Otter

“As you can see Dolce Vita has ever so faint veins that are about the same color tone,” Ashley describes. “Together I think Dolce Vita and Tawny Port create a sophisticated look that will most definitely stand out not only through those holiday months but all year long!”

Ashley switches gears and leans toward some of the neutral colors of the fall and pairs them with some bold stones that we’re absolutely in love with.

“Neutral Gray is exactly as the name reads. It is a pleasingly neutral gray that pairs well with almost anything you put next to it,” Ashley describes. “I love the design and structure of Grigio Carnico Marble paired with it. Not only is it daring and bold, but it adds a sense of elegance through all the bright marbling of the Grigio Carnico. This is undoubtably a combination I would love in my home,” she explains.

“Blue Crazy Horse Granite is a beauty of its own. Blue is one of those colors that stick around all year long,” Ashley explains, “The wild blue coloring of this surface looks striking next to the Otter. The earthy tones of the Otter create a rustic look when combined with the Blue Crazy Horse. Unequivocally a timeless look!”

A Natural Match

More thoughts from Ohio, this time in Cincinnati, our Design Consultant Pam Warner, AKBD, adds some valuable insight.

Azurite-Navy Peony

“Our Kitchen and Bath Designers are seeing more blue cabinets being designed in the kitchen. The island cabinets are blue and the perimeter is white. Their clients are asking for a more “Coastal” feel in their space. Azurite Granite with Navy Peony accents will pair nicely!”

And another pick from Pam, “I love these two pieces together! Nacarado Quartzite is already dramatic by itself but adding Tawny Port as an accent will make it even more dramatic!”

Two Colors, One Stone

“Another match with the same “Coastal” feel is Costa Smeralda with Navy Peony accents. The Navy Peony will bring out more blue from the Costa  Smeralda. On the other hand, when Costa Smeralda and Shade Spruce accents are paired together the Shade Spruce will bring out more green from the Costa Smeralda. Two different looks, one fabulous stone.”

Showroom Show Stoppers

We may be bias, but we think our designers are the best in the business. Their color sense is impeccable and they want nothing but the best for each and every person who steps through the door.

Our showroom selection is our best asset, coupling that with our brilliant designers and your vision is guaranteed to come true. Just ask Jim and Rose Brennan, homeowners who found their dream slab at Unique Stone and in the most unique way.

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