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The Hottest Design Colors & How To Use Them

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Hottest Design Colors & How To Use Them

Big, bold, bright and beautiful describe the 2017 Spring color trends. The Pantone Color Institute states there are 10 colors we should expect to see popping up, many of which have a “healthy” or nature-inspired vibe.

It may seem like a gutsy move to select one of these rich colors to paint your entire kitchen, but if you want to go all in then by all means, seize the dye!

We would recommend accenting with these trendy shades and concentrating on those fabulous stone surfaces to go along with your accents. Our designers weigh in on how they see natural stone working with this Spring’s hottest colors.

Sunny By Design

Kansas City Design Consultant, Sharlyn Corrigan, gravitated toward Pantone’s Primrose Yellow and paired it with our Fusion quartzite calling the choice impressive.

And after seeing them together, we couldn’t agree more.

“Fusion consists of coppery reds, murky grey-blues, and hints of smoky yellows; which create soft textures along with a beautiful rhythm of progression,” describes Sharlyn.

She adds, “These triadic hues will radiate drama into any room.”

Now how can we argue with that?

We imagine pairing the perfect stone with the industry’s trendiest colors to be a fun project, especially for a designer. So Sharlyn didn’t stop there.

She pairs another gorgeous natural stone again with Primrose Yellow.

“If you want a more transitional or analogous design with Primrose Yellow, Golden Spring granite would be another breathtaking selection.”

Sharlyn explains, “Golden Spring emphasizes a perfect mixture of modern, cool-toned greys entangled with warm, delicate accents all in a harmonious pattern. This balance of luxurious movement and blurred tones allow for a timeless addition to any home,” she says.


Cool Colors

A couple of colors atop the spring list are so cool they’re hot. Niagra is a creamy, calm blue and Kale is a green that can change the mood of a room instantly.

Maranda Cocking, one of our St Louis Design Consultants, takes a different approach by describing popular natural granites that mimic these colors nicely.

Maybe you love Niagra but don’t necessarily want to complement it with any natural stone. Instead you’d love your countertops to actually have the Niagra blue in it. You’re in luck.

“Blue Bahia is one of my all-time favorites. It’s a very rich, jewel tone that catches beautiful light and looks like a piece of art”, says Maranda.

This granite captures the Niagra blue perfectly and your goal of becoming apart of the hot spring trend just became reality.

Maranda also explains the hot green trend and how we are seeing so many people lean towards green.

She describes Costa Esmeralda as “a rich green, gold mossy tone that reminds you of a forest.” And as you can see, it really does mirror the Kale trend nicely.

“Customers are really starting to get adventurous and take a chance on color. It’s fun working with them and having so many choices to offer,” she adds.

The Happy Neutrals

Andrea Poppe, a Design Consultant at our Indianapolis showroom, says design elements are going very earthy and natural no matter what the season.

This bodes well for the natural stone industry, especially with the neutral and trendy colors that never seem to go out of style.

It helps that our huge color selection can add some real depth to any home owner’s or designer’s vision. Stop by our showroom today and let us help you bring that vision to life.

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