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Raising The Bar On The Modern Day Man Cave

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Raising The Bar On The Modern Day Man Cave

Man Cave: (n) a room or other part of the home regarded as a refuge for the man of the house; a manly sanctuary

By definition, this space of the home should be designed well enough for any man to want to retreat to. Basically, the assignment of designing a man cave should not be taken lightly, even if you’re not the one it’s intended for.

The 3 key ingredients of a man cave are fairly simple: television, bar, and seating. And we’re raising the bar on the bar so why don’t we start there. Our reason to focus on the bar of your manly man cave is to bring you a little design inspiration. Whether you’re in the dreaming phases or smack dab in the middle of construction central, we’re here to offer our guidance. Take it or leave it, but we hope you take it and run with it….like Forrest Gump (perhaps the first movie you’ll watch, ahem he’ll watch, in the new man cave).


This is a very rustic feeling man cave that has an old time saloon feel. CHEERS to that! You can capture this look with our very own African Fusion quartzite. It has a very moody feel and oozes all those rich, bold colors that would make even Clint Eastwood’s day.

There are so many elements working together that we love about this man cave. The polished look of the bar mixed with the wine storage and frosted cabinet doors screams one word: class. Ok, and maybe sophistication. Oh, and did we mention that we love the true brick flooring which sets off that “cellar” feel. Our heads are in the clouds looking at this bar and coincidently, our natural stone that mimics that dark wavy pattern the best is Silver Cloud granite. Perfection if you ask us.

Talk about a set up for watching the big game! Keeping it simple with this one, we love the plush theatre seating and delicious looking bar to go with it. Sometimes less really is more. This look matches up perfectly with our Terra Nova granite. A creamy background that boasts a dark, chocolate pattern that pairs perfectly with those rich leather seats.


The center of your man cave truly is your bar, so you don’t want it to be flat when people walk into it. Ultimately your style and the look of your man cave are up to you and it should be all you. It should say something about who you are and what you like, but sometimes it’s hard to jumpstart those ideas.

Our designers are perfect for listening to your wants and bringing any vision you have in your head to life, especially when it comes to your bar. We have a showroom full of unique surfaces waiting for you, so stop by for a visit and let’s get your man cave dreams in the works.

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