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Reasons to Consider 2cm Slabs

Friday, August 8, 2014

Reasons to Consider 2cm Slabs

Reasons to Consider 2cm Slabs...For decades 2cm material was the trend in natural stone and to this day is still commonly used in the Western States. 2cm material is slightly less expensive than 3cm material, and is readily available in many colors and in multiple materials (Granite, marble, onyx, travertine, etc.).


Due to it being lighter in weight compared to its oh so popular 3cm counterpart, makes 2cm material perfect for:


– back splashes

– wall/floor cladding

-tub surrounds


-furniture tops

-shower walls

-fireplace surrounds


And yes, even countertops!


Most often when 2cm material is used as countertops whether it be for residential settings or commercial projects, fabricators will suggest an edge profile that is created by laminating 2 pieces together to give the appearance of a thicker edge, 1 1/4” to be exact.  Laminating offers an array of creative edges, ranging from a simple eased edge to elaborate waterfall edges. With that said, after fabrication laminating 


So, the next time you are asked “are you looking for 2cm or 3cm” do not hesitate to consider 2cm material. The design flexibility and the applications for 2cm material are limitless.

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