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Here Comes The Sun, And Your New Outdoor Kitchen

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Here Comes The Sun, And Your New Outdoor Kitchen

Pale legs. Frigid fingers. Days spent huddled inside staring out at the grey skies. Ahh…winter.

But soon the clouds part, bringing Memorial Day when we swing open our doors, scurrying toward the warmth. Free again, to grill a steak in the sunny, barefoot comfort of our own backyard.

Perhaps your back patio isn’t much more than a Weber grill and a picnic table. It still has lots of summertime potential. We can help you make that space a beautiful extension of your home. Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you’re thinking of creating that perfect outdoor kitchen.

Does Material Really Matter?

Yes! When choosing the material for your countertop, you must consider the climate and elements it will encounter.

How will my countertop hold up against the weather? If you’re living in paradise, sunshine and occasional rain are probably the only things you need to worry about. But living in the Midwest, with its four seasons, you will want to consider the ever-changing weather and the effect it can have on a countertop.

Natural stone, specifically granite, can stand up to the most extreme heat and cold and still maintain its elegance. Making it the go-to choice of professionals for years.

On the other hand, if your outdoor kitchen is fully covered, you may not have to worry as much about wear and tear of weather. (An important point to keep in mind as you are planning your design.)

How Much Do I Entertain?

The answer to this question will help you determine how much space you will need for your outdoor kitchen. This space should be as functional as an indoor kitchen, as welcoming as your living room, and as entertaining as your family room.

An outdoor space can be simple with a grill station, bar top and chairs or elaborate with a fully outfitted kitchen complete with the latest built-in appliances.

Create your space large and roomy enough to be comfortable for your family and friends, especially since you’ll be practically living there, anytime the temperature rises above fifty-five degrees.

Do I Enjoy Hiking?

Your secret to success? Location, location, location. Decide early in the design process where you want your outdoor kitchen located in proximity to your home.

For many, their outdoor space is across the lawn, secluded as a retreat from their stationary abode. For others, it’s connected to the house so they aren’t walking very far if they forget the BBQ sauce.

Will it be covered? Are you considering pergola or a more enclosed option? How much effect will the wind, sun and weather have on my outdoor kitchen? Every space is unique, so it’s important to ask yourself these questions.

Ready to Get Started?

Developing your vision for the perfect space is an essential first step when beginning your project. And a major part of that process is choosing the right countertop material for your lifestyle needs. That’s where we come in. We’d love to assist you with this decision. Stop in today to browse our amazing selection of surfaces and get to know our in-house designers, who are here marinating the steaks for your new grill.

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